american songbook


I was recently commissioned to produce an animated illustration for  the American Songbook 2017/18 recital tour by Lucy Goddard (mezzo soprano) and Siwan Rhys (pianist)

The recital contains works encoporating feminist writings from american authours, the illustration is comprised of portraits of some of thse authors. Top centre is Louisa May Alcott, and below her Orchard house where she grew up and where Little Women is set.  Next to her is Elizabeth Stanton, and behind her a protesting suffragette forming the Florida peninsula of the piano lid.  The two heads below are Mina Loy, and Gloria Steinham.  Below them on the left is Gertrude Stein (holding the moth in a glass case, referred to in The Making of Americans, and featured in Movement V of Laura's piece), centre is Walt Whitman and on the right is Fanny Fern.