about me.

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I’m the cat.

I’m the cat.

Ben is an illustrator and as a small boy his vivid imagination made its way onto paper every night. He explains modestly “I never thought my drawings were better than anyone else’s, in fact they really weren’t, I just really liked doing them”.

After High school he decided to go and study a bachelor of animation back in Queensland, this was the old school 2D animation style in which each frame is drawn by hand on a physical medium. It was from there that his freelance career began.

Ben loves working on subject that don’t have an obvious connection to imagery. He enjoys using abstract visual concepts to communicate a sometimes complex idea.

Ben has worked on many editorial pieces in The Spectator magazine, HR magazine among many other publications. he has also created marketing storyboards, video game covers and website cover images for clients across the globe. He often works very quickly with tight deadlines, producing high quality work.

When Ben is not working you’ll catch him doing many physical activities such as surfing, tennis or biking, this keeps his busy creative mind balanced.

By Justine Jamieson