wedding invitations and prints

Wedding invitations, despite all of the options, there are only so many ways to combine block letters and calligraphy, right? Enter the illustration. If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind wedding invitations, you can make it your own with a personalized piece of artwork.

Some if my favorite illustrations of all time were created for the companies running the British Railway network in the mid 20th Century. Artists like Fred Taylor, Charles Pears, Frank Newbold, Frank Sherwin and Norman Wilkinson created an iconic style that excited the viewer and powerfully portrayed the mood and character of the subject. I illustrate in this style to not only invite, but celebrate and remember your wedding.

process & cost

We start with an exchange over email, talking about the subject, and possible concepts, content and compositions.. I then start sketching, I generally work up 2-3 different compositions, and once we have agreed on one we like I move onto completing the final painting. Then, there are endless printing options available

A illustration costs £550.00 . The illustration can also be printed at any other size upon request. Email me at invitations@benleon.me